• Lateral stability
  • Dynamic effect
  • Split plantar keel providing inversion/eversion
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  • Progressive energy return, Dynamism, Progressive and smooth completion step.
  • Lateral stability: due to the large bearing surface at the fore-foot: 48 mm width, i.e. close to a sound foot.
  • Dynamic effect: increased by the long plantar keel, the effective foot length of the Dyna C foot amounts to 80% of its total length, versus 83 % for a sound foot.
  • Split plantar keel providing inversion/eversion: appropriate for uneven grounds.
  • Can be used for trans-tibial amputees with long residual limb and trans-femoral amputees fitted with large prosthetic knees
  • Dyna C foot is made of composite materials. It meets the needs of the patient with a dynamic gait by ensuring return of the energy previously stored. Possible warping of the composite materials and C-shaped design of the foot provide flexibility at heel strike and a progressive completion of the step.
  • Delivered fitted in its foot shell, with a protective sock, a malleolar clip and an optional protective stop.
  • Approximate foot weight, size 25 (cosmetic shell not included): 420 g
  • Example of product Nr for a Dyna C foot, module 3, right side, size 25: 1A400-3D25

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