DynaStar foot

  • Flexibility
  • Easy step
  • Wonderful design
  • Excellent comfort
  • High stability
  • Patent from Proteor.
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Energy return, Great walking comfort provided by a PU link between both blades, High stability, Compact.

Flexibility:  Carbon composite upper strut, aluminium lower heel keel, the carbon fibre strut absorbs foot rotation at heel strike. The flexible shock absorption provides a rapid flat foot during walking.

Easy step: The PU link and the carbon composite strut split in the forefoot make inversion-eversion easier, that accommodates uneven grounds more easily.

Wonderful design: width is close to a sound foot which provides lateral stability due to the large bearing surface at the fore foot.

Polyurethane link designed to withstand the highest strains.

A rear flexion stop ensures foot protection and safety under extreme conditions of use.

Excellent comfort thanks to the original link between the keel and the heel strut.

High stability, ideal for users standing up for long periods of time.

During load, the energy is stored then released through the upper carbon fibre keel.

Patent from Proteor.

Delivered fitted in its foot shell with a protective sock and a malleolar clip.

Approximative foot weight, size 25, cosmetic excluded: 345 g.

Example of product Nr for a DynaStar foot, module 3, left side, size 25: 1A500-3G25

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