• Flexibility 
  • Waterproof 
  • Very light weight
  • Easy step
  • Durability
  • Patent from Proteor.
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Very light weight: 30 % lighter than a SACH foot, Foot weight, (Foot weight, connector included, size 25 : 380 g).

-Flexibility: Designed to absorb shocks caused by uneven surfaces.

-Waterproof: Easy of cleaning, resistant to water and damp heat, can be used as a bath prosthesis.

Easy step: The patient is able to reach dorsiflexion easily without having to raise the heel.

-Durability:For patient up to 150 Kg / 330 lbs.

Patent from Proteor.

Code number: Example of product Nr for a GERY foot ebony color, left side, size 26 : 1A200-G26B

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